Mountain bike

Estate guests can choose whether to enjoy a completely relaxing holiday or to practice numerous sporting activities. In addition to the swimming pools and the multipurpose court used for tennis and five-a-side football, nature offers the best sports.
The estate offers 10 Km2 of uncontaminated landscapes, 600 hectares of forests, over 30 Km of hiking trails with different levels of difficulty throughout the estate, wild animals sightings, clean air, silence and breathtaking scenery. So much open space, a green oasis with vast horizons and the possibility of mountain biking on hilltops and gravel roads along side enchanting panoramas and pristine vegetation: this is our idea of outdoor sports! Poggiovalle is a destination for all seasons.


The estate offers many opportunities for those who want to enjoy long walks in the enchantment of nature that surrounds Poggiovalle. In the woods of the estate you can immerse yourself in wonderful and unforgettable journeys, with the possibility of exploring the wonders of the flora and fauna of the Umbrian-Tuscan landscape.
The variety of itineraries will satisfy both the most expert hikers and those who want to relax on simpler and shorter routes.

Swimming pool

Poggiovalle gives its guests a unique emotion. The swimming pools on the estate, located in Borgo Granaro and Borgo Belvedere, offer a wonderful glimpse of the charming Umbrian-Tuscan landscape, a breathtaking view that will accompany your moments of leisure and relaxation and will make you feel completely in harmony with the elements of nature that surrounds you.


The multi-purpose space located close to Borgo Belvedere allows the guests of the estate to be able to practice various types of physical activity. Tennis courts are some of the amusements that Poggiovalle makes available to its guests: volleyball and five-a-side football fields are available for you to spend your time in outdoor physical activity.


As if it were a natural vocation, Poggiovalle Italian estate offers the opportunity to participate in tastings of products from the Umbrian-Tuscan territory, famous throughout the world for their sublime flavors, the result of a tradition based on genuineness and passion.
The farm of the estate, with its Poggiovalle brand products, will make you savor the uniqueness of the place. Poggiovalle Italian estate demonstrates gratitude to the Earth by treating products with passion and care, to best satisfy our guests respecting the needs of its places.

Educational garden

Open-air lessons for adults and children: the Poggiovalle vegetable garden with its panoramic position will be the perfect setting for activities related to the cultivation of vegetables, such as the preparation of the land, sowing, watering, fruit and vegetables harvest.
A different and alternative way to get in touch with nature and its rhythms, with seasonal agricultural products.


The estate is a timeless place. By coming into contact with its spaces, you come into contact with a real place where you dedicate yourself to yourself. You will discover a space in which non-action becomes of fundamental importance to bring out a more intimate form of ourselves, an interval taken from everyday life and returned to us for our well-being. Leisure is a place that takes shape in the spaces of Poggiovalle Italian estate to give you back that time by dedicating it to reflection, leaving the surface to go deep. "Time is very slow for those who wait, very fast for those who are scared, very long for those who lament, very short for those who celebrate, but for those who love, time is eternal." (Shakespeare)